Friday, February 17, 2012

Mi fa tenerezza/ It makes my heart melt
Our lovely muppet of an electrician came back weeks later with the missing part to our burners. I thought it was just a matter of life in Lucca when he solved our problem of the clicking burners by taking the problematic piece out and pocketing it and telling us to use a cigarette lighter any time we want to light the stove top. I was shocked when he called me the other day to say he went to three different stores to find this piece for our very old burner. It only works if you bang on the piano cottura with your fist at the right angle, but it sure beats using an accendino. He is the hero of the day!

My regular hero of the day, F, is taking driving lessons to prepare for the practice part of the test because there are all sorts of weird little things you have to do to pass. You must take the practice part of the test as a student of a certified driving school and then a state examiner comes down, who is in cahoots with the school, and gives you the test on one of several different driving routes. It's just as tricky as the theory test, because they take you on these roads where there are hidden intersections where in two and a half seconds you have to infer that you need to slow down and yield even though no one--Italian or American--ever would in real life. A shout out to Mirko who gave F the name of a school run by a very kind American woman named Elena. F also managed to renew our expired health cards by himself at the Azienda Sanitaria Locale, ASL/health center and now we don't have to do that again until next August when our permesso runs out.

T is taking an acting class with the third years/seniors of her school. In Italian. Voluntarily. She wants to get a part in their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream/Il Sogno  D'Una Notte di Mezza Estate. She is very busy with her own life lately, but I know where she's been because she leaves a trail of bobby pins behind her.

My Metamorfosi class at LIFE gym has taken a life of it's own. They have decided that next week on Fat Tuesday we are not going to do exercise. We are going to dance and drink prosecco and eat appetizers in the classroom. I was filled with trepidation when I asked my boss Dino if this was alright with him. He shrugged and smiled and said si. I am going to get paid to drink and dance next week. I love this town. Seriously, the very thought of doing this in Brooklyn has me visualizing my defense at the impending lawsuit.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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