Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Limping down the Red Carpet
Today I found out a secret I really didn't want to know. How many moment/ibuprophen pills does it take to get K to be able to jump with screamingly sore calf muscles? It is not as fascinating as the question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll lollipop, but the answer is the same. And thank heavens I was able to jump after Saturday's relay race on the stone streets of Lucca because while my students at LIFE just scratched their heads and wondered why their so called "butterfly/farfalla" had turned into an "elephant/elefante;" the crowd at Olympia is a lot more demanding. I was also pleased that their short circuit camera was on the fritz tonight. But I did take the daring move of opening the blinds in the sala Apollo so that interested prospective clients and various muscle heads with nothing better to do could look in at us.

I confessed to Elena, my boss at Olympia, that my dream in life was to have 50 students and take the sala Zeus which is the biggest classroom in the joint. She said she would love for me to realize that dream, but I think she understood me as saying that I could personally bring in 50 clients myself. Ooops. I hope the Lucca What meet up crowd feels like coming out to support a fellow expat on Sunday March 18 because the lesson will be gratis/free that day. I also signed my official contract with them which was a good feeling.

F met with several of T's teachers this morning at the ricevimenti/ parent-teacher conferences. The teachers gave mostly glowing reviews so the biggest problem F had was actually getting into the room. Despite the fact that everyone signs up on numbered slots in the sign up book located in the school lobby, people cut in line as though they are New Yorkers at the Zigfield or Zabars or some place like that. Sometimes they have heated and seemingly democratic mini conferences like "well, we three are all in a rush today so let's cut the tall American dude, I'll go first and then you and you." F is so chivalrous that he usually lets people cut him, but the third conference in he made sure everyone knew he was primo/first. 

Tonight was our time delayed Oscar night. You all in America have no idea how we had to seclude ourselves for 24 hours due to the time delay so that we could fill out our ballots and not know the answers ahead of time. F won. He always wins. Natasha came over for an Indian meal of curried veggies and leftover pastries from last night. The girls dressed the part of divas and we had fun tearing apart the fashions on the red carpet. We could find any real streaming of the event so we just checked out youtube and will probably watch the Fashion Police reviews on sidereel when it comes out tomorrow.

 Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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