Monday, February 13, 2012

If you haven't seen Sophia Grace Brownlee sing Nicki Minaj, you MUST look her up on youtube.
Push and Pull

Today was so very weird. Even for me. I got up and started stalking youtube for Grammys footage because this time of year Itunes kind of dries up and I can't find any good hip hop music. Yesterday I searched and searched for songs and got nothing. Today I got the Bruno Mars, the Chris Brown, and some ideas of moves from Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj and a new lease on my work life. Then it was off to teach for two ladies at Happy Gym. I walked another twenty minutes into the country side and got blocked by the railroad crossing so I had to run across with the cars that had lined up and got the same pinch in my ankle that I get every darned time I get stopped by the train signal and then have to run across the tracks to beat the line of cars behind me to the finish. And every time I consider doing the Footloose number when that bar comes up where Kevin Bacon swings on the farm equipment, but then I stop myself because I have a pre-teen who would kill me if someone she knew saw me. Finally at LIFE I taught a class for four people and went back home where I ate a mini omelette drank a forbidden cup of coffee and went to my new job at the Olympia Club.

Me, without coffee.
 I got there early to warm up and my new boss was so scared of my treadmill dancing that at one point he asked me if I would rather warm up in the sala. And I said no thanks. It is fun as all get out to pretend I don't understand Italian some days. Hee hee. Then I went and met this nice girl Graziella who was very keen to take Metamorfosi. She was a good dancer and served as a translator and assistant at times. We started out early and I taught about five ladies the opening number in advance since they were there early. When it was really time to begin a bunch of people came in and then more and more for the next fifteen minutes. In the end there were twenty of us packed into the little sala they call Apollo. Get it? It's part of their Greek mythology theme.

It is a family owned place and so the daughter of the owner who is my boss and her brother who works there and my other boss Rocco kept peeking in to see what the heck I was doing. I think it went well. I won't ever know because no one really tells you anything. But some of the ladies wanted me to come more than once a week so I told them to tell the front desk if they liked it and to see if I could come more often so that is promising. I don't know where the camera is in the room so it is possible that there were constant pictures of my butt flashing across the lobby. I am pretty sure of this because Rocco intimated that we should face the other way, but I didn't want to because there is no mirror that way and I can't see what anybody is doing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fast number.
 T also has some strange days at school here. This is from a handout given to T to read aloud to the class by her English teacher: "These new tribes pushed away the populations of Celtic origin and reintroduced heathenism. They believed in different goods." "The Christians believed the end of the world would come on Domesday." Teacher: "From the seven united kingdoms came the other name of Great Brittain: the United Kindom or the U.K. Classmate: "Shouldn't that be S.U.K.?" Teacher: "Yes, I suppose so. I don't know why we don't call it the SUK."  T has tremendous laughter withholding ability. And yes, she did gently suggest a few corrections. Oy.

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