Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day 3 Cena Indiana
Today I really did help because there is a lot to do to make a vegetable curry coi fiocchi.  We are also working on the lemon pickle, the tamarind sauce, and the green dipping sauce. We did a test run yesterday with the roti bread and they were really yummy. Here is F flipping the lemons expertly into the air the way Jamie Oliver says to do. I do like a man who can flip a pan.

My friend Gabriella made the phone call to Olympia Club for me. It turns out that the phone number listed on the Internet is completely wrong -- imagine the shock. No, it is not a shock at all because nobody's phone number is what it says on most of the few websites that exist for Lucca businesses, and those that do exist haven't been updated for about five years. Gabriella did a wonderful acting job pretending that she didn't understand my English and needed to know what time my class was to start on Monday when in reality it is I that had no idea when I was teaching. She even intimated that they should post the time on our new poster, as I, obviously, could not possibly have done it myself and it would be nice if at least someone shows up for class that first day.

My friend Federica who works at the Massimo Pretty Hair has the day off for her birthday and she is ecstatic to be spending some quality time with her horse Yuma. I will just bring her my birthday gift when I go to get my hair done on Saturday. I want to try some kind of braided hairdo that looks Indian. Federica was my first female friend in Lucca and she is a keeper.

Today we made T's friend Aurora watch American Idol. T and I had a contest to see who could translate what was happening first. Aurora said we reminded her of her her relationship with her little sister or of a cat and dog. Out of the mouths of babes.

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