Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day 2 Cena Indiana
Today we are making aloo mutter vindaloo which is really spicy potatoes and peas.  Having just walked in the door from work, I am contributing to today's dish by sipping tea and making sounds of approval.

T stirring. We just needed a photo. It's all staged.

I still don't know what time I start my new job at the Olympia club. F went by on his bike to drop off this  great poster that he made for my course.

He was planning on finding out what time the job starts for me, but both of my new bosses were at lunch and there was nobody else who could tell him so he ended up agreeing with the receptionist that she should leave word for them to call me. Of course if they call me back, which I doubt they will, I can't ask that question without looking like a total loser so I have to just ask if they liked the poster and have somebody else call for me and pose as an interested client. I can make watching Indian food get cooked look complicated. I know.

Today I wanted to tell my students that they should flick back their feet like a duckling/anatroccolo, but I couldn't pronounce the word for duck and in the end I had a room full of lovely Italian women yelling "duck" at me. It was like the action scene in some cheesy war film. (Just kidding. Actually, I don't actually know the exact translation for duck as a verb rather than duck the animal, unless it is tuffare or chinare.)

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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