Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day 1 preparing La Cena Indiana

Today we went to Olympia gym where I met Rocco and he gave me a class on Monday afternoons when the gym is usually very crowded. Yay! If my class is popular they will give me other hours. It turns out Zeus and Apollo are the names of the classrooms, not the names of the instructors, so I will, sadly, not be known as Athena or Minerva or Medusa or anything cool at all. Also, to tell the truth, I am not a hundred percent sure what time I have to teach, but I will bring the posters by and confirm before Monday. They had told me I was hired to teach on Fridays at the first meeting, but now they want me on Mondays and I was so flustered that I stopped listening clearly. I think he said 5:30 to make it easier for me, but I also thought he pointed at 15:30 with his pencil except that it should have been 17:30. Darn that 24 hour clock!

On the way there, F and I passed this bizarre little shack of a house with nobody in it. It is supposed to be an advertisement for orthopedic bed options to lift people who are bed bound, which is probably a great invention.  It is a life-sized diorama with a large bed and a crane looking thing that hangs over it with a white basket that looks kind of like an enormous pair of diapers. It is smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood and could not seem more out of place if it tried. It looks like Hansel and Gretel's house if the witch had a bad back and a torcicollo instead of a hankering for sweets and small children.
So weird.
I cut up garlic and did some stirring. Proud times.

Today F and I are making Gobi Mutter Masala using chickpeas instead of regular peas because we thought it would look more inviting to our Italian friends. The first step is to fry up the spices, after which you add the cauliflower and tomato sauce. Lastly you add the chickpeas and the garam masala and pepper.

Yesterday our friend Gabriella gave us some cime di rapa from her sister's garden.  F started preparing it for dinner, but burst out lauging when I told him that Gabriella had indicated that part of that plant is toxic, but I couldn't remember which part. We ate the leafy part and lived. Who says sleep helps you to remember things? Yeah, I can't remember that either.

On the way home we found out that the osteria downstairs wants F to make them a website. Let the passaparola/pass-the-word-around commence!

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