Friday, January 06, 2012

Visions of Sugarplums & Plum-bers
Today is the holiday to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany or La Festa dell'Epifania in Italy. The kids went out to see la Befana who is believed to have been a great housekeeper and who sheltered the three magi, but then did not accept their invitation to go visit baby Jesus. She regretted her decision and went to search him out on her own, but is still searching to this day and on her way she enters every chimney and leaves candy for good little girls and boys in their stockings. (And lumps of coal for girls who refuse to wear sleeves even on the coldest days. Allegedly...) In Lucca she swoops down into a piazza through the air, but this being Italy, she didn't come when the posters said she was going to come and decided to swoop in an hour early. It would have been more Italian if she had come late, but in this case it was equally frustrating.

In other news, our ridiculously handsome plumber came by. Don't look at me like that. Even F said that with his mane of golden curls our plumber reminds him of when Monica on my favorite telefilmTutti Pazzi per Amore falls in love with Giampaolo (our plumber's last name is Giampaoli) and has visions of their romantic connection through the ages. Plus he is starting to like us. As a family I mean. He bonded with F about how T and I fight like angry cats about her summer wardrobe being worn instead of winter clothes in January and how impossible it is to pass the Italian driver's license test. He did all of the work in one day even though the next day was a holiday and even though it involved getting "parts" from his truck which is usually code for I'm leaving now and you'll never see me again, suckers! but in Italian. This is how it looked when Monica had the visions: (start the first video at 5:38)

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