Sunday, January 15, 2012

Party people
Despite popular opinion, I am not so sneaky as to have a party at my house for my LIFE gym clients of Metamorfosi on the same day that I have my two hour intensive class just because I wanted a big turn out.  In fact, I turned it over to the class and asked when they wanted to have the party and this is the day that made the most sense.

However, if I had been so furba/sneaky to choose this day on purpose, the whole thing would have backfired. As it was, only seven folks showed up to the class, which was disappointing compared to the 20 that showed up in November.  Funnily enough only four of the people who took the class also came to the party, but eight others skipped class to get their hair done and bake cakes and came to the party all super pimpante (an Italian word which might mean lively or might just mean pimped out, but I like it and I'm too tired to wikipedia so let's keep it in).

It was the most rockin' all Italian party we've had yet, to be honest.

Everyone was very sweet. F did a fabulous job with the bread and fixings and people just gobbled up the food. Aside from the usual reluctance to serve yourself or be seated everyone seemed cheery, relaxed and happy. I would seriously want any one of them as real honest to goodness good friends beyond being just students and I hope that we get to be even more united as a group as time goes on.

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