Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving Along
This week T got a 9 out of 10 on her history test and everyone else ended up copying her English homework which made her star of the week.

F made veggie meatballs and pasta and got a real Italian family to eat it.
Grated zucchini

Zucchini sauteed with onions and bread crumbs to be later mixed with egg.

This is what they look like when they're done.
The finished product!

Real Italian Family. Reading is Fundamental.

I got a text message from a friend who takes my class at LIFE gym that she heard two other students talking about me in the locker room and that I should call her immediately. I still am not sure if I understood their complaint about my stretching technique or time management or a combination of those two things.  I was just relieved that it was a benign comment and that they weren't talking about the giant pimple I have had on my nose all week.  Unable to ever reach my nutritional specialist, I have made some rather large mis-steps in my herbal remedy taking which, in turn, have left a toll on my skin.

I still don't understand sales time here. But, when I announced in class that it seemed to me that all of the good stuff disappears after the first day, but then you feel you should continue to spend even when you really have no money left just cause everything is reduced by 70%, the class replied sarcastically: "Welcome to Italia."

That's me in black in the front there.

People continue to speak Italian to me as though I understand what they were saying. So brave on their part! After going to the trouble to find out where the tone/cardio class I was substitute teaching was 45 minutes long in total or two 45 minute classes back to back, I made a combination of errors that were rather spectacular when viewed as a whole. I did some cardio in the first 45 minutes in case that was it for the night. (Spoiler alert: It was not.) Then I started out the door and bumped into some folks who seemed to expect me to teach more cardio. I sent them back to the front desk to ask for me and they said that it seemed that it was either me or Elisa who had to teach it but Elisa wasn't there. I taught for 30 minutes but then Elisa walked in, looking mad. I started to stretch the class out to stall for time while taking nervous looks over at Elisa, who was aggressively throwing CDs around with her back to me.  I asked her if she wanted to take over and started to apologize when she told me that I had better go back to my class since we had ten more minutes to go. Then I had to convince those now relaxed and cooled down people to jump up and down for ten more minutes, but they weren't having it so we did some cardio on the mats. Yeah, I'm not sure if that is physically possible either. And then they left and F came to pick me up. He asked me in English why I ended up teaching a double and I answered in Italian in front of all my co-workers -- all three of whom were busy pretending to all silently stare at a piece of paper-- that I couldn't understand Italian for sh*t.
I had one male student which forced me not to wiggle my hips or flutter my wrists overly much.

We are still working on figuring out what to do about the damage our parked car sustained in November.  I had to call the witness to the damage again to ask him to write a statement for us.  Luckily, he is saved in my phone as casa rosa or pink house since I can't remember if his name is Alessandro or not. He has been very helpful so we are going to give him a bottle of wine tonight when we pick up the letter.

Full Moon on the way home. It figures.

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