Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meditating & saunas: better than just sweating & watching tv?
This is a photo of two people walking a bunny on a leash. And that is just the beginning of this post . . .

Well, yesterday I met with my friend the erborista's guru guy.  He looks like a grayer and less handsome Andrea Boccelli and he talks with his eyes closed.  She finds me looking not as well as I used to and wants to repay me for when I went with her to the hospital that time. It is lovely to see her feeling better, if not revved up by five hundred percent and speaking at the speed of light and full of ideas, several of which involve me in some deep and time consuming way. Anyway, she was so insistent that I meet with him that I agreed.

She walked us to the big Edison bookstore and then left me there. He asked me one or two questions and put his hands over my wrist.  He led me through a kind of meditation which was extra difficult as the cashier who hates me was watching on from afar and I felt a bit silly with my eyes closed, repeating the words "immeasurable joy," over and over again in Italian. Although I will say that it is hard to be too depressed whilst you repeat the words "immeasurable joy" over and over again in Italian no matter who the heck is watching you. I will also say that it is kind of humbling to give a hoot who is watching you while you experience inner light and learn about the omnipresence of God and feel the divinity within you. But I'm talented like that. Eeek.

So the whole time we were sitting at the table in the bookstore, I kept praying that he would not tell me that my teacher is corrupt and that he should be my teacher because that is the message he gave me in the first fourteen seconds after meeting me six months ago.  I was hoping that after reading my aura he would have something different to offer me. But nope, he basically was stuck on that groove of the record. He also shivered uncontrollably at odd intervals and giggled to himself about things. So that was Monday.

Oh and also on Monday morning I substitute taught for Amanda and between her sixteen people and my two people, I had eighteen people which was the most fun I have ever had at Happy gym since the beginning of time. Metamorfosi class freaked them out a bit, and then people had questions about stuff afterwards and I forgot to advertise my intensivo/ boot camp on Saturday for which there are only six people signed up. Sigh.

Today after my private session with Alessia, who is doing tricks even I can't do with the chair and steps and all kinds of madness I dream up for her, and my regular class, I finally let down my guard and my sweats and went into the sauna/bagno turko with Federica. We were in our towels and this weird guy who has been asking a friend of hers about her came in to hit on her but we eventually got rid of him, and it was the most relaxing thing ever and I can't believe I waited this long to try it.

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