Friday, January 20, 2012

It's never too late, people.
Three things:
1. I have decided to make friends with a handful of my students, all of whom are a decade younger than me and are not married and do not have children. I love my friends who are in my same boat, but I want to take advantage of Federica's being best friends with a bartender near my house, and listening to them go on and on about what boys they like, all the while knowing I don't have to sweat these issues anymore, and the the fact that they will make me go out dancing for the whole night . . . you know . . . before it's too late.  And yes, I did the bagno turco/sauna after work again and it made me insanely happy what with all the gratuitous nudity and pore cleansing.
F's yummy homemade chinese dumplings.

2. I may be out of the loop by now, but from what I remember gyms in America don't have everyone gathered around the espresso machine in the lobby chugging caffeine before they exercise. Is it just an Italian thing? I swear I don't remember.

This is from the long walk home after work.
3. According to my new friends, these are slang things you can say in Lucca without getting in trouble: che minchione guadi? (che cazzo guardi? is more vulgar, but they both mean what the heck are you lookin' at?) or bischerotto and grullo and they also seem like they mean something more perverse, but hereabouts they mean something like blockhead. I took Fede to see if she wanted to meet a young guy I know just to figure out her type  and she took one look at him and told me based on how he held his hands that he seemed to her to be bischerotto and she wasn't interested. You can also say instead of scialla which is more of a southern thang, stai manzo and it means no problem, take it easy, stay cool.

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