Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Guests for the night
We used to get a good number of fruit flies in Brooklyn, but the other day I noticed one after another after another of these flies with little antenae or tentacle things that they were rubbing together like a bad guy in a comedic film.  I freaked out. Well, after what we went through with the fleas last Christmas you can hardly blame me. So F and I went through every bag, box, and jar of food and found nothing. Nothing behind the dishwashwer. And then one dropped on my computer screen from the light above where there was a whole party going on. We steamed the walls and the light fixtures with a steam machine and did some investigatory work to find out that these creeps live in Lucca just like we do. They were just wanting some of our heat and light. It's a seasonal thing, I guess. We turned off the heaters in the front of the apartment. I had creepy crawly nightmares all night and got zero sleep, but then had to teach a long double. Luckily we had done a fabulous job so that by the time I got home with Alessia, my private client, and her incredibly beautiful family for dinner everything was spotless and perfect.  I had two glasses of wine to cancel out the two cups of coffee I had had earlier and ended up sleeping better than I have in weeks. Alessia is the most together 22 year old I have ever met and, arguably, that there ever was on this planet, so I hope she forgives me for having to share the paragraph with insects, but there was really no getting out of it.
Alessia wants to friend T on FB because T is a genius internet explorer.
Cutest family ever!
In other news, we are frantically negotiating with members to do a trade for the summer in Europe and out of the blue we got an offer to go live on a beautiful houseboat in Amsterdam. The dates are tricky since we are also trying to coordinate with another couple who have a huge, stunning apartment in Paris. The Amsterdam couple have two young girls and they have pre-bought their airtickets since she works for an airport or airline.  To make things work with us they would have to spend three nights in a hostel and even the hostels in Lucca are kind of expensive so I don't know. It is a very weird process and in the end we would have to breakup with four other people whose apartments we were courting. I'll let you know if we get any closure. I'm a sucker for the word houseboat. Since clearly I am super unfriendly to bugs and am not a big swimmer or outdoor sport sailing type person you may well wonder what the heck I would do on a houseboat in Amsterdam, but I am thinking I would mostly hide from mosquitoes, hold on to F's arm hair in the kayak, and blog a lot. Hmmmn.

p. s. We still do a rockin' cheese fondue on New Year's Day.
 and for dessert . . . .MELTY CHOCOLATE!

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