Sunday, January 08, 2012

Game faces on!

There are two best times to shop in Italy and those are January and June when, by law, it is finally sales time. You haven't shopped until you've hurdled over a baby carriage, ducked under the coats of a couple of elderly lady friends in fur, and pulled a muscle in your shoulder to get to the hanger with your name on it just before a high heeled, well-coiffed adversary wearing glittery sunglasses could get her D&G red talons on it.

That glistening effect is known as shopping glow.

Desperate Shophives: a new show idea?
Not your ordinary trek to the mall.
Today we were escorted by our friends Adonella and Carlo. Adonella has a doctorate in shopping and Carlo is just a plain old doctor. I have been begging her for months to take me with her when the sales hit. We went to the Outlets at Barberino del Muggello where the usually low prices are slashed in half. It is bizarre to drive for 50 minutes to almost reach Firenze but you get off the highway and don't see anything until you enter a village of 200 stores with cute facades and a landscape  of real walking bridges and little streams that look more like the set of Desperate Housewives than the very real Italy.

I am in awe of your vast sale knowledge.
Carlo actually hates shopping.  But he is a smooth driver!

The police were signaling that all of the cars had to detour so all of us shoppers had to walk through the mud and thistles for a good while to reach the village from the parking lot. T about lost her mind a portata di mano di Prada, Missoni, Guess, and Masssimo Rebecchi. We ate crappy mall store pizza, and it was the first bad tasting thing I've eaten in over a year here. Adonella has a take no prisoner's approach, but back in Lucca I finally got the last pair of studded leather converse that I have had my eye on for about eight months and it was extremely satisfying. Now we have to wait another six months for materialistic, frenzied drunken acquiring of stuff. And that is probably just as well.

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