Saturday, January 28, 2012

Che bella giornata
Some days are ordinary, some are bad, but today is a special day, a red letter day, a crazily fantastic day, un giorno magnifico! Let us count the ways.

It's Fabio's birthday! Though he would never have let on if we hadn't used some of our sneaky NY spy action to find out...

Last night I had a glass of wine with an ex-pat German who asked me, "But how do you speak Italian so well?" First I laughed and laughed because of how far there is still to go, but then I just was grateful to Fabio, because his friendship includes, as a very small part, fifteen or so minutes of endlessly patient conversation every day at pickup time. I (F) wanted to get him a copy of Mangia, Prega, Ama, but instead we found him a rice paper photo album and a candle with some dancing Indian gods on the sides.

Count number two--K got another gym job! This time at one of those fancy palestre where the reception staff all smoke and guzzle shots of coffee from the vending machine, while the widescreen TVs cycle through the various cameras tucked in every nook and cranny of the place.

After calling the risponsabile several times, we decided to just show up, which worked in one of those inexplainable ways that things sometimes require in Italy. Other than a little illustrative "stretching" casually outside the office window, all it took was dropping the words "New York," "hip-hop," and "Shakira," and a quick viewing of a Tracy Anderson on her iPhone and K was hired on the spot and her class will have a launch party in a few weeks--ideally with a velvet rope. Or at least using the NYC-style turnstyle that keeps out the riff-raff.

Then of course we had a terremoto / earthquake that shook the region and more pertinently canceled school tomorrow when T was going to have two verifica / tests. So T celebrated by making perhaps the best French onion soup I've ever had complete with slices of baguette and a melted mound of Pecarino on top.

Plus also finally I have passed my teoria exam for the driver's license. After ten months of study and two prior frustrating failures, it came down to the last 22 seconds where at the last moment I correctly went with the gut feeling that a sign was consigliata rather than obbligatoria. Now I get to pick up my foglio rosa / pink paper (learner's permit) next Tuesday and then after a month I can give the practical exam a try, but it's probably a given that I shouldn't count on thirty-one years of driving experience alone to pass!


Laurence said...

Grats on passing the test!

FB said...

Grazie Mille!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats i was there when you were trying! it sounded hard - greta