Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A bad song choice
Four days with no sleep and the most annoying cough ever, the last two of which necessitated my resorting to sleeping pills, so is it any wonder that I forgot how to speak Italian today? It has been almost impossible to keep teaching through the exhaustion. Tonight in class we did a cardio number to Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire that was Bollywood style and a latin dance number to Rodrigo y Gabriela. I made a playlist that had some Italian songs on it because my class loved the upbeat numbers I chose last week. However, I made the mistake of choosing some pretty ballads which caused much moaning and groaning of disapproval along with dark comments about how I was trying to depress them to death. They didn't seem that sad to me. Of course I have never really listened closely to the words to either one of these songs, so what do I know? Only one student who always wears a scarf to exercise and usually comes in unhappy and leaves in a better mood, threw her arms open and grabbed a pretend microphone to sing along. That was a moment.

Just as I was getting ready to leave for work, we got a buzz at the door. I am so tired that I just buzzed whoever it was in, and instead of being the postina, it was the person who takes the census. His name was Massimilliano and he was the most helpful anyone could ever be. He sat down at the kitchen table and talked us through every question and response -- even the weird ones about how many toilets we have, and how long it takes us to walk to work, and if we have a parking spot in the city. In the end, I invited him to dinner and gave him our phone number. He thought I was a super weird stalker even though F was right next to me, but I couldn't help myself. This guy could fill out all of our crazy forms and documents forever more. Is it too much to hope that he loves New Yorkers or that he is dying to try F's cooking?

In my haze of tiredness, I gave in the invitations to my next Metamorfosi class party to Happy gym a month early and that was enough to have my nice and kind boss look at me like I have two heads. Oy.

Number of copies of Eat, Pray, Love/Mangia, Prega, Ama by Elizabeth Gilbert that I have given away since I got here: at least 14.

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