Sunday, January 01, 2012

is the sound your stomach makes after too much cheesy vegetable pie . . .
Today is quiet family movie day because last night we stuffed ourselves with the heaviest vegetarian food on planet earth at Paola's mother's house and we literally cannot move.

It was a very lovely night. After dinner we went down the road to Paola's so the girls could watch the fireworks from her terrace. Funny that on the television at midnight instead of Time Square and the ball dropping there are a pack of old men perverts wearing pink sparkly smoking jackets and white fur coats and girls half their ages wearing almost nothing. They are joined by the Gypsy Kings (no, they're not dead) and a giant panettone christmas cake that is at least 12 feet high. The girls stuff their fake blown up lips with that white flour and sugar concoction while doing the twist to a weird arrangement of Stevie Wonders' Superstitious. We're not in Park Slope, folks. And that is followed by the year 2011's most sexy people which is straight up pornography in the form of black and white photos and bizarre scraps of video.  It is very family oriented. Woohoo.

For dessert-cones filled with chocolate and whipped cream. . . seriously.

The good news is that I have become the Italian hallmark of texting good holiday wishes.

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