Friday, December 16, 2011

Xmas light projections on a nearby building. Wowza!
Delle nuove amiche

Giusy-- after she walks me home.
 Yay new friends! I am starting to get a nice group together from the LIFE gym. I have invited everyone over in January for an open house. In the meantime there is talk of a pizza night on Tuesday for about six of us that will begin with a Turkish Bath at the gym. If that happens, it will be very Sex in the Unsexy City. It started with Giusy who lives across the street and is from Puglia.  Her boyfriend is a pilot stationed in Napoli so she when he is not around she would like to meet some new girlfriends here to go out with. Federica, on the other hand, is like Flashdance incarnate. She climbs ladders all day and hangs upside down restoring beautiful frescoes and stuff. But now she has a bad neck. It turns out that shy Serena, who tells me that the name Tempesta would suit her better, is actually a doctor. Silvia and I have the best talks and she loves the Eat, Pray, Love book I got her because she is thinking of leaping into a new career path. And Laura and Gloria are always fun to have in class because they are the bravest of everyone.  Except there is this one lady who doesn't take my class who I found in the changing room standing on the benches talking on her cell phone. I told her that I liked her just because it was endearing that the spirit moved her to stand on top of the benches while she chatted. She smiled and said, "That's nothing. At the pool I stand on the benches when I get undressed. People think I am an exhibitionist, but really I don't like to stand on the dirty ground. I'm a neat freak." "We're like two drops of water, I told her," an Italian expression that means we are kindred spirits. Even though I am maybe less OCD and more just kooky.

Federica the fabulous!
T skating in Piazza Grande

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