Friday, December 30, 2011

What did you say?
Our electrician Mauri wears a red coat and actually does speak in Italian muppet language. We were so happy that he gave us a door buzzer -- the kind that lets people in from outside so that we don't have to run down the steep stone stairs for every visitor -- that we didn't even mind the fact that he discovered our stove's spark plugs could blow the place sky high at any moment since they were supposed to be replaced in 2007. He recommends we turn the gas off when we sleep. Also he fixed the clicking burner by removing it. I love him, but let's face it, his electrician's certificate is red and furry.

Today I had a play date with Sofia. She is four. Occasionally she chooses not to enunciate and to add -ina  to every Italian word thus making it smaller and cuter than it was originally. She is super cute-ina. She chose me to be her Special Adult Person, or SAP, in Lucca. Today we made a pink princess cake, rode on the carousel, drank hot chocolate with pink marshmellows, did her nails and makeup which included stickers, sparkles, and using lip stain in unusual places, bought six small horses and then went on a treasure hunt. We got two extra rides on the carousel because Sofia is betwitching and casts spells on everyone to make her give her stuff and obey her every command. She is a keeper, I tell you.

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