Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet Real Estate
Today we made a gingerbread house. T thought we should write one of those Toddler & Tiaras type blog posts about how super talented we are, but I think you should know that the production of this edifice was as seeped in controversy, as necessitating of blood pressure medicine, and as entrenched in back room dirty dealing and desperate final hour negotiations as Trump Tower back in New York.

Luckily, afterwards we were invited to have a drinky-poo at Melissa and Mirko's where Tatia played with their three kids, including this cutie pa-tutie in the photos with the Christmas tutu and new Italian Ikea kitchen set. She is fond of me because she recognizes my naughty side and I, in turn, have agreed to rock her little world on Friday morning when we have a fake auntie and favorite fake niece kind of girl-date. Stay tuned.

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