Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santo Stefano
Today we had a carbohydrate loading extravaganza with Paola and Stefano. We gave Stefano a Superman sweatshirt because it has the big S on the front and also a loaf of F's homemade bread in the shape of an S. Just so you don't think I'm exaggerating the vegetarian menu of the day was: pasta with traditional pesto; pasta with a nutty parmagiano pesto, vegetable lasagne that was moaning with bechemel sauce, bread, roasted potatoes, and, oh yeah, cake.  This was followed with a light, just kidding, smattering of a hundred kinds of biscotti and chocolates at Stefano's parents' house.

My fabulous eight year old fidanzato has learned how to read for himself! We continue to do Bioenergy treatments for his autism and he continues to make amazing steps forward in his development. He is sounding out words like crazy. He is also very taken with airplanes, and I believe that he will become an extremely literate pilot who will whisk me away to exotic ports of call between romantic interludes of sounding out to me from his Pimpa books and, you know, Proust.

He looks just  like his papa' in this photo.
I know Lorenzo loves me, but it was helped along by the fact that his parents said that he could finally eat the Pandoro that he waits all year to gobble up once I arrived. I had a fun moment teasing him by wearing the cake box on my head. After he finished his portion he swooped into the room like a bird of prey and finished off any other remaining bits from the rest of our plates. It made my heart pitter patter.

Go get us those free air miles, amore mio.

Stefano's parents back when
We also got to see newborn bunnies that Grandpa Luigi has been tending to in his little shed.

I'm not making this cuteness up.

Later at Grandma Franca's one of the Uncles told Fraser that in Italy you say that someone is lucky by saying that they discovered America. Since he is from Pisa he said that when he got to Lucca. But then he chuckled heartily and observed that we found America by leaving America. Go figure.

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