Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mother's Day

Yup. I know it's December, but my mother came to visit from New York City today. She unpacked the gifts, put a few drops in her eyes, ate a light lunch and did what we do best: went to my exercise class at Happy Gym. Oh she didn't just watch. She took the class. Jet lag, shmet lag. Her performance put several very young Italian women to shame and caused them, most likely, the need for much therapy. Which is convenient since my mom is, of course, also a psychologist. Check her out in action:

P.S. She brought Allure and People magazines (otherwise known as expat crack), chocolate Twizzlers (yes, I said chocolate--the last two bags of vintage, hard-to-find, specially flavored licorice sticks that had been gathering dust in a Food Emporium on Broadway), and lots of little items that say New York on them (so that T can dominate in popularity at school). That, my friends, is how to make an entrance.

Mom did the optional "advanced" moves.

She sang along.
She also improvised.

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