Saturday, December 31, 2011

Festa Tempesta - (just 'cause it rhymes) 

A lovely dinner with delle mie amiche/girls this evening! A bucket list what I always wanted kind of a night, despite having misjudged the paper plate/potato chip/sandwich situation because everyone arrived very elegantly decked out. Luckily Melissa brought fancy antipasti of melt in your mouth hot peppers stuffed with deliciousness and topped with breadcrumbs. I thought if I wore jeans and didn't make fusses about things (like washing dishes) people would feel more relaxed and have more fun. However, I tend to always be early and overdress for things so my precendents preceded me. There was a panic moments before the guests arrived as is usual around here, but I have to thank my daughter for having convinced me to go ahead and celebrate and for having made all the phone calls for me. Also F gets many a thank you for having prepared all of the sandwich fixings.

Just randomly, I also want to acknowledge that when T starts a sentence with siccome, which is very Italian of her, I feel like I would pretty much say yes to almost anything she wants, but sssh don't tell her.

We brought out some old photos after dinner because the ladies wanted to see what F used to look like with long hair.  Dinner conversation touched on exotic cuisines and spices, shopping the sales, and different customs in various regions of Italy.  I opened presents in front of people because that is what I usually see at Italian parties and it was peter-pan-I-can-fly level of fun for me. It stems from having received seven mugs on my ninth birthday, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't heal my old wounds retroactively.

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