Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Come on down

On Sunday we were invited to lunch by Adonella and Carlo who are also my friend Paola's brother and sister-in-law. They have a modern apartment with sliding doors and one of those spinning 70's chairs that are shaped like an egg. They also have a terrace that is three times the size of our dining room. It is separated from the rest of their apartment by a wall of large windows. The deck is equipped with its own irrigation system that Carlo invented to water their outdoor plants. He also put a heating system on that wall so that the windows never fog up. They made us a vegan meal of ratatouille and little cups of egg souffles because they remembered that awful time when I wasn't eating cheese and weren't sure what to prepare. We also enjoyed this refreshing salad of raw, thin sliced punterelle dressed in lemon and oil.

While F lounged,

and K shopped,
Carlo entertained
Adonella created
They both cooked
and prepared and fussed over us.
It was kind of like being on a game show, named Top that Generous Gesture. When they heard that I had been looking to buy a kind of dance shoe and exercise mats they took us to Lido di Camaiore and then along the promenade to Via Reggio, looking for them. Adonella also revealed that her hobby is making jewelry and she took out a tool box filled with wires and gem stones and made T a pair of earring right on the spot. She planned out a necklace for me and showed me all of the goodies she buys at the trade fares in Milano. When they heard I had missed a certain movie called Maschi contro femmine in the movie theaters they produced the dvd out of a drawer and thrust it into my hands. Therefore, despite our exhaustion, and a luncheon date that lasted over six hours, F and I had to feel just lucky that there are people in the world who are really that kind and that we know them. We would have felt guilty about having gotten the royal treatment, but we were too tired and fell asleep at nine on the dot.

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