Saturday, December 24, 2011

il 23 Dicembre
This afternoon I taught my last pre-holiday class for one person who my BFF in NY fittingly nicknamed the Grinch. We gave out chocohotopots alla Nigella Lawson at the ortofrutta to nine employees and one man who was looking hopeful and selling batteries right outside. Our friends at the store really appreciated the sweet treats and it is my favorite Christmas tradition. One of the ladies told me that she still has her sachet from last year. Mi fa tenerezza I told her.

little T
Crazy Roberto the client stalker from Happy Gym is calling me again and wants to pay me something for the Bioenergy treatment he received and to talk to me about his health. Allegedly. He plans to just stop by on Christmas Eve. I guess I will have to get dressed at some point.

T, age 5, I think
F got in trouble for putting his chocolate volcano cake masquerading as a traditional Lucchese chocolate pie in the laticed crust in one of his student's sample boxes at the paper making factory. He thought it would be a fun way to present the present but his client got sweetly anxious about the whole thing and quickly put the empty box back in the display.

T and Savana 2009
T did last minute xmas shopping with Natasha (on Natasha's birthday) for her tutors Gabrielle and Lucia. I have been taken off guard by some of the sweet little notes and gifts I have been getting from my students and coworkers as the week goes on. We have crispy vegetarian (meat)balls with spaghetti for dinner and watched the last Harry Potter movie. And in the morning I am planning to have a milky American coffee with a bite of chocolate covered panettone.

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