Saturday, November 12, 2011

Santa Claus Eyes
Today F and I went to meet with T's art professor for our parent teacher meeting/ricevimento.  After listening to two really sweet parents in the corridor complaining about how pointless an assignment it is to trace over highly detailed illustrations of Gothic churches in their text book, including the written text, I finally came up with something to say when it was our turn to go in.  So after listening to a few nice things being said about our kid, I commented that I had noticed T was working on a tracing assignment this week. I said that T is many beautiful things, but precise is not one of them and that she seems to really be getting a lot out of it. He said that was exactly the essence of the assignment. Then I threw in that now that I am working outside of the house this year, T has to do her homework independently.  This was crafty of me because indipendenza is the other thing that he really is keen on. He hates it when certain overzealous parents do some or all (oh okay, in our case only a tiny bit) of the tracing for their kids - cough cough.

So after the professor leaned across the little desk and peered over his spectacles at me with his watery Santa Claus eyes and I melted just a little bit, F piped up. That is always a scary moment, by the way. When F finally pipes up, I mean. Because it only happens when things are going really well and when he is possibly feeling just brazen enough to end that little streak of good luck. But we hate to discourage any talking done by this tall silent drink of water. In this case he said, "Si! E' un buon lavoro per imparare pazienza," all proud like a little school boy who just did something right. Once safely outside the school building, I said to F that I am not sure that is exactly how an Italian would put it, but he got his point across. Then he reminded me that the last time he ran into the art professor at the train station he had told him that he was on his way to go imparare/learn  English and he just wanted to get it right one time to redeem himself. So we had a good laugh and a funny romantic moment in the parking lot. No, T, no one saw us.

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