Friday, November 11, 2011

Same old, same old . . . just kidding
I was thinking that I had nothing to write after that rather momentous Tutti Pazzi party, but then I realized that my regular day to day routine is completely wackadoodle and perhaps even blog-worthy.

Yesterday there was a full moon. I know this because instead of just my new friend Patrizia and her new friend Sabrina, we had like a dozen other ladies of all various ages and levels of skepticism come join us at Happy Gym for my 4:00 in the afternoon class. I don't know what sparked this mass interest in a class that happens right at the end of the intervallo when many elementary school children are just being picked up, smaller children are waking up from naps, retired people are watching CSI repeats, and everyone else is back to work, but I hope it was not just a once in a lifetime occurrence. When my boss came in to take attendance, she almost fainted.

One thing that happens to me twice a week is that I walk about twenty minutes outside of the walls of Lucca towards the LIFE gym and I get to an incrocio/intersection where there is no traffic light.  The train tracks are at one end, and if there is no train passing to stop the cars in their tracks, there is pretty steady traffic on that piece of road. Last week I had to do a couple of pretty impressive jumps to get people to let me pass and then I noticed that one of my colleagues was in her car watching me and waving so once I got across I waggled my hips in a happy dance, thus making a nearby construction worker's day.  Today I had to resort to serious measures so I rather dramatically loosened and removed the red sparkly scarf that I borrowed from T and did a burlesque kind of number, twirling that sucker around a few times and grinning to get across. People smiled. "She's not from these parts," they were thinking.

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