Monday, November 07, 2011

Pazze come siamo, io per una sono contenta di esserlo.

I should explain that when I was in tenth grade I finally had three best girlfriends all at the same time, and I was never so happy as in that time. We had inside jokes and we made plans, that kind of thing. Those friendships all faded away and I never had a group of girlfriends again. It gets harder as you get older to get a group of women together; and when you add in all the differences in culture and language, it is even more of a challenge. Plus they say Lucca is even more of a challenge because of the walls, physical and emotional, but I don't believe that. Not anymore. But I now know what it is like to be a professional wedding planner for people with commitment issues. Stressful. Rewarding but stressful.

1. Even the Italian women took their shoes off.
2. They loved the Tutti Pazzi per Amore show; and the third season promises to be the best one yet!

3. They brought so much food! I still had to fight to get people to sit down in the living room. Even without chairs in the dining room, the ring around the table was formidable, but eventually everyone moved into our little improvised home theater.

4. At one point two of the ladies in the center in front of the t.v. asked me to sit there with them, right in the middle of everyone and I felt like that was the moment I had been dreaming of all along.

P.S. This is me freaking out beforehand:

P.P.S. F went with Paola's husband Stefano and her brother Carlo for a pizza. At Carlo's house before turning on the soccer match they took a peak at our telenovella Tutti Pazzi per Amore 3 to see what all the fuss was about. lol :)

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