Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lots of brand names & getting bitten in the face
For whatever reason, we still have the worst thing about summer here with us in late November: MOSQUITOES/ LE ZANZARE. A handful of times I have woken up in the middle of the night to find a buzzing right in my ear and then even if we kill the sucker, I still can't get back to sleep for hours.

In other news, the Guess girls have abandoned ship and feel that their work load is too heavy to continue exercising with me in the evenings. Several of them tended to cheat a bit and not do the thirty repetitions or do the exercises full out, but I always found that a good challenge and really kind of funny. There were fewer and fewer of them and they usually trickled in as a threesome instead of in a pack of eight which meant that I was really not earning much of anything anyhow. T did not love being banished to her mansardo to eat her dinner and I really do not like getting started with the jumping up and down just at the dinner hour, so I think it is all for the best. Meanwhile a girl in my LIFE class asked me for personal training which is I think the better, more profitable, direction in which to head.

I went to see my friend Alessandro Menichini's open house for the Herm├Ęs home collection and, yet again, I felt a little teary to see so much beauty in one place. There was one cashmere fabric that was so rich that it made me both itchy and sad to think about the artificial cheapo fabrics that I lay my little worried head on at night. It is so cool to see the prints as they translate from paper to fabric. This particular collection is very historical and filled with horses and old world characters and one of the prints is even block printed using an 18th century technique where you make the design onto at least 20 blocks of wood and then apply it to the paper. Despite the nods to the past, the chain link prints and famous interconnected H's look modern, masculine, and very George Clooney's bachelor pad, or so I've been told. I wouldn't dare show you any photos of it because there is a whole branch of people who get paid to hunt down mishandlers of the Hermes logo and/or their images and poor Alessandro had to sign a contract that was thicker than my arm.

This is a random picture of my friend and professional pharmacist Amelia from Farmacia Centrale. I didn't know she had a terrified dog named Oliver or that she shopped at the fancy pink pet store where I got the golden poop bag holder. But she is a mystery that I will never unravel. I invite her to lots of stuff that she never comes to, but I am very Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football about the whole thing. Ever hopeful, always a blockhead.

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