Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here is the portrait we made for her birthday card!
La festa di compleanno di T
Today we got up at the crack of crack to get T to school early for a class trip. They are going to a paper mill to see how paper is made. It is a very Lucchese thing to do. Trust me on this. (And good news: she came back with five rolls of toilet paper, a ten pack of facial tissue and a carton of napkins!)

I am forever grateful to Melissa and Stefano who agreed to drive us all to the ice skating rink after we all have lunch at the pizzeria everybody goes to for their birthday parties -- Marameo. In fact, three of the girls, T included, are going back there for dinner for somebody else's party.  Aside from being really happy that F doesn't have to drive without a license, I am also thanking my lucky Italian f'n stars that T never got this flu and that the four girls, two Italian, one Irish and one Canadian, that we really needed to come celebrate with us are coming. Now I am just hoping against hope that the ice skating rink I found online really exists, you never know, and that they are open, still not sure, and that it will not cost a lot more than expected, unlikely, and that we all get there at a reasonable time in one piece and get all of their rental skates on. After that, I'm planning to have a carafe of wine and let nature take its course. I'll let you know shortly.

Well, not shortly. But here we are, longly, after. The lunch went well except that there was another simultaneous party of older teenagers who got served first. Looking at that crew as they exited I have to say as a waitress I would have done the same.  When we first arrived at the skating rink, T and I were dismayed to find out that although the Omniacenter is the size of a huge football stadium, the skating rink is proportionately the size of a postage stamp with snow on it. They hadn't cleared the ice for quite sometime, let me tell you. Nevertheless, the girls had a great time. They had these push-a-penguins which were for beginning skaters to use like training wheels for the ice, if you will. I don't recall ever seeing those at Skyrink. Take that you big city slickers, you. When the girls were exhausted enough they came back and had a hot chocolate and the chocolate cupcakes we brought with us. It was so chocolatey that at one point T's friend Natasha heard herself say, "It's too much chocolate for me," and then corrected herself saying, "did I just say that? I must have really taken a lot of falls."

At the moment T is back at Marameo and I expect she will come home and sleep the sleep of the righteous or the really zonked, whichever comes first.

Stefano is a fun guy.

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