Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Car trouble & Gastronomy
Nice to know that while we can't drive our car which is filthy and sitting in Santa Anna alone, we can still get tickets on it and a some damage too! It turns out Paco had a bit of a joy ride during the car exchange portion of our summer swap, but we didn't figure that out until after F had biked all the way back to the concessario to see if the car had tickets on it before we bought it. Then F noticed that the car was dented and scratched. There was a note on the car with a phone number. But that would be too easy. And this is Italy. It turns out that the guy who lives in the giant house next to the parking spot saw the whole thing and got the license plate number of the guilty party who dented and dtiched us. The eyewitness on the phone told me to stop by and that he'd give me the number.  Why on god's green earth wouldn't he just message or tell me the number over the phone? If we had to meet in person, couldn't he give me a precise time? So I texted him to ask when we should come and have our little visit. It was a good thing I checked because he was away on business in Pisa and wasn't coming back for two days. Today F and I kept our appointment with him and he came out and told us everything very cheerfully. He was young and looked like an actor from my other favorite telenovella that was called Agrodolce. But this guy was less tortured and more helpful overall. He didn't even seemed phased by the overall drecktitude of our car having been covered in grime in this last month of disuse.

Wham bam, thank you slam!

Luckily tonight we are making a Moroccan & Indian combo feast (ala Jamie Oliver) for our friends Anna Maria (the police officer!) and Fabio and their girls who will eat plain pasta and potatoes up in T's room because they like nothing except pizza, pasta, and potatoes as far as I can tell. The littlest girl is allergic to a pork by-product and that is how we found out that Nutella is not vegetarian. Yikes! We will buying the organic version at the biologico store.
Ecco le ragazze!

Wine in the foreground. Thus explains our facial expressions.
Give it to Mikey. He'll eat anything. (Life cereal commercial reference from 1970s.)
Anyway, Fabio and Anna Maria like to travel and are adventurous eaters so we made --I say we in all honesty this time because I helped -- curried veggies with improvised Indian bread -- crispy focaccia with paprika on it, yogurt harissa dipping sauce, citrusy spicy cous cous and pickled lemon garnish. The drink is an iced pomegranate refresher with mint.

It was fun and we were all drunk with sleepiness afterwards. And we remembered that we are lucky and that things like dents and insurance and tickets aren't worth getting too worked up over. That's Anna Maria's torta di ricotta e ciccolato talking. My snarky self shall return tomorrow.

Oh and when Anna Maria was leaving she said to me that if I ever ever needed her she would be there. She would run to me, she said. It was a much sexier version of the James Taylor lyric and also she meant it. I know it because her exact words translated into English were: I may be stressed out and a mess when I get there, but I will come. And I could never wish for more. Grazie

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