Friday, November 25, 2011

Cain and Abel--- Remix
We spent our Thanksgiving eating zucca pie and stuffing with red wine sauce and talking turkey with T. She showed us this SNL video parodying the Republic debates which was followed by our own SNL skit, but ours is, thankfully, not available on video. (  During dinner, T told us this hilarious story that -- should I be worried? -- the vice principal told her while he was in charge of her class. Take it away, T. . .

T here to recount the story our vice principal told us during Study Hall. It's a parody on the bible he found on the Internet. To get the joke you guys need to know Adam = Adamo, Eve = Eva, Cain = Caino, Abel = Abele and Satan = Satana. Oh and that most--not all-- but MOST, Italian boys names end in "o" and most girls names end in "a" or "e."

When Adamo and Eva had children they had two boys, Caino and Abele. Abele was always very calm and thoughtful but Caino was always quite high energy and agitated. When they became young men Caino decided he wanted to find a girlfriend. One night he tells his mother, Eva, "I'm going to go out tonight. I will either be back late or in the morning." So Caino goes to look for a girl, but he finds no one after hours of searching. He repeats this for many weeks until an idea finally comes to him. He goes up to Abele, his brother, and says "Look, Mom's name ends with an "a," me and dad's names end with an "o" but your name ends with an "e". So you aren't my brother you are my sister and since you are the only woman on this earth we shall marry." Abele responds "Um, no, actually I AM your brother and I don't want to marry you." Then Caino, frustrated, hits him over the head and kills him. He shouts up, "What have I done? I killed my sister!" Now God comes down from heaven and sends  Caino to hell. Caino knocks on the door of hell and then Satana opens it up. Caino says "Hello, my name is Caino." Satana responds "My name is Satana." Caino looks happily at Satana and says "Ends with an "a" right?"

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