Tuesday, November 01, 2011

But we're not normal
Normal people when they go to Florence/Firenze do the following things: Go to the Piazza della Signoria, visit the Boboli gardens and the Pitti palace, the bapistry, the Campanile or the Galleria degli Uffizi, check out the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the David at the Galleria dell'Academia. Buy a pair of gloves! Something!

But we are not normal people.

Yo Savana! This says GRAND HOTEL MINERVA

And this is why with Uncle Laurence defenseless and in our clutches, we nodded at those normal things but chose instead to concentrate on eating a mega gelato at GROM, buying marzipan (you left it in our backpack, hee hee) and chocolate dipped orange peels; getting a glimpse of Santa Maria Novella; and climbing up for the free and stunning view from the top floor of the Chiesa Orsanmichele (thanks for the tip, Deborah)

All this was followed by sitting around drinking red wine and a cuba libre for two hours while killing stray random mosquitoes attracted by the outdoor heat lamp. T managed to extract a pair of vintage, purple polka-dot, velvet Converse sneakers from her beloved Uncle and then we all trudged over to a mozzarella bar called Obika where we dined on truly artiginal samples of this jack of all cheeses whether they be affumicata, pontinata, pastum, or stracciatella di burrata. (Thanks for the tip, Giusy.) I had grilled artichokes with mine that were divine. T had a four cheese pizza. Uncle Laurence who doesn't play went straight for the fried version and then ate a lasagne while F ordered a regular pizza. I complained about his choice later at home because he should have gotten the one with smoked mozzarella and grilled pumpkin which was the special per carita' and which I would have liked to taste.

They had slightly more fun than us in Florence and she did not plunge to her death.

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