Friday, November 18, 2011

Today was pretty much what I have been dreading since mid-summer when I started auditioning for gym jobs.  I like to worry in advance so that none of my problems take me by surprise. What? Don't tell me you think that is neurotic. If you're from New York there is roughly a seventy-five percent chance that, if you're being honest, this is competely normal to you.  It is really a massive mistake as a life philosophy and I urge you not to do it. But once in a while it does come in handy.

Today was the day where my cold turned flu-like, but since we had the flu shot--there is the up side right there to the advance worrying, so take note-- it shouldn't last too long.  After re-reading the Tracy Anderson 30 Day Bootcamp book for the millionth time and making myself do thirty five minutes of cardio and then teaching my two friends at my house, I started getting chills and a sore throat. In the book, Tracy says one day," maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow" I should be guaranteed a Sunday (why Sunday?) in which I can eat cupcakes all day long and it will not affect my thighs even an iota. Does anyone else think this is a weird assertion? For a health book? Anyway, I can't eat normal cupcakes because I have had to give up dairy products this month since I figured out that my lack of magnesium means that the calcium deposits from any yummy dairy I consume come out my face like little salt rocks making me look like a pimply faced adolescent with much more psychic and physical pain than what one usually endures from an ordinary blemish.

Back to this delightful tale of rainbows and unicorns. . .I took a nap only to be awakened by a delivery guy who rang not once but twelve times and stayed put until I padded down the stone steps in my slippers and sweats and a wrinkle on my face from where the pillow had been. The one good thing that I can say is that it was not raining. That is about it. About half way to the gym I started freezing and wheezing, but in Italy, we do not take sick days. We  shield ourselves with our magic scarves. How's that working out?  Based on today, I'd say not swimmingly.  I piped the music from Glee through my headphones since Mary J. Blige's album and the Michael Jackson remixed concert music don't come out until next week. I had less umph in my step in my pre-class warm up which at that time of day and after having worked out in the morning, and factoring in my fibromialgia takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Then I teach for an hour and then I give thirty people neck massages, making sure to douse my hands in disinfectant. Thankfully one of my students gave me a ride half-way home and F bought my favorite onion focaccia for dinner which goes very nicely with lemon hot pepper broth .For the roughly four and a half hours of working out I did today, not including the lesson and music preparation which took two hours, I earned exactly 23 euro. We'll talk aobut that later, when I'm not sick.

Meanwhile T spent the day accompanying her friend from school to the dentist. This was funny because the dentists are her Uncle and her Grandpa and because her friend was terrified. They both are very pessimistic and argued humorlessly about whether they would have to drill or do an emergency root canal.  Every single thing they did and every implement they touched had to be explained to the patient's satisfaction, a feat which was next to impossible. For her services T got a decadent lunch with a homemade chocolate tart and a very much appreciated early birthday present of fingerless gloves.

The only joy about today, aside from the lack of rain, is this song by the winner of reality show Amici singing Sitting on the Dock of the Bay with Craig David. I love the grit in her voice and the fact that she clearly has no idea what the F**k she is saying.

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