Monday, October 24, 2011

Tutti Pazzi per Amore
Everyone is Crazy for Love. But I am crazy number one.  Not only have I planned this party two years (no, I wish I were kidding) in advance, but then I invited every Italian woman I know to come to it. Even having to limit the guest list to Italians, it is still sixty people. So far. Also I have become insane because unlike America, in Italy they don't tell you when the third season of your favorite television is going to go on the air. Wait. They do tell you, but here is the Italian part: then they go and change the date on you. So first they said on the internet that it would be on for October 16th and then they decided not to do it. Berlusconi had to wash his hair that night.  I don't know why. So then by stalking individual actors on their Facebook pages, I found out that they changed the date to November 6. I don't know at what time, but that is okay since you can't invite Italians to do anything earlier than five days beforehand.

This promo says it all.  The protagonist says: "It's tonight." And then he asks if the family were going to all watch it without him. His wife assures him that he is the protagonist. The tv announcer says the show is going to come on . . . in less than a month. Everyone moans. Then he says it wasn't in the tv guide. The tv talks directly to him and calls him by name and he talks back. His wife asks why he is talking to the television. Then he says, "You heard the tv talk to me; I'm not crazy." And in the end no one knows when the cavolo the show is going to come on the air. And this is the commercial for the show!

Tutti Pazzi per Amore is a show about a widower who falls in love with a divorcee after they move next door to one another and all of the hilarity and grief that ensue once they try to combine their three children and the totality of their lives including friends, elderly aunts, work buddies, and living space. They often burst into song and/or dance in flash mob style. The humor is wickedly dark which adds a nice balance to the complete lack of realism of the situations combined with the absolute emotional honesty that only Italians can deliver in a telefilm.

Aside from Un Posto al Sole, I learned more Italian by watching this series than with any teacher or text book. Plus my birthday is two days after Christmas when none of my friends are ever around so this is my way of saying happy birthday to myself. Since I tend to be poca realistica and also somewhat pazza myself this should be interesting. It will also be interesting to find out how many of the sixty Italian women would want to show up here on a Sunday night and if they did show up where the heck I would put them all or what they would sit on or drink out of.

p.s. Dear old "Giuseppe" came over with his wife who has a stressful job and some back and hormone issues that are making her miserable.  I told them about my experiences with Bioenergy while serving them a nice red wine since I had no idea what food I could offer aside from raw vegetables that would not make me seem like a total hypocrite as a beacon of health and sanity (don't laugh.) I showed her where she could order a book on menopause by Christiane Northrup in Italian and I told her about Tracy Anderson. And they were lovely. And that is why we make dinner for everyone and their mother and I try so hard with people. Because I can. And because for me it is worth it.

p.p.s Only after I totally embarrassed myself calling Sig. Paoletti, the landlord, on a Sunday night did F investigate to find out all the valves were closed. Now we have heat! And I have to call back Sig. Paoletti. Argh.

p.p.p.s. If you see an ad for Christian Mingle under this post it was our way to try to earn money off the blog, but we don't get to choose the ads. Since we have only made 83 cents after months of posting these fill-in-the-blank ads you should know that we only keep them up because they make us laugh and it is fun to see what comes up based on the content of our forever wacky life in Italy.

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