Friday, October 07, 2011

Oy: a hip hop story with subtitles
Funny thing: I couldn't find the on-switch for the music mixing board thingy at the gym. And since all of the clients wear the same t-shirts that we do, the guy in the gym shirt I asked to help me, turned out not to be a staff member and didn't know what to do. He in turn asked the same tall staff member who showed me how to turn my music on two days ago. That's not the funny part. The guy he asked is so ridonkulously good looking that it is embarrassing for him to go around trying to blend in with normal people. I think he is Canadian originally, but I am not sure. That is still not the funny part. So he tried to show me where the switch was, but I am too short and I couldn't see it. So he said: "Give me your hand." So I gave him my pinky because that is my skinniest finger. That is not yet the funny part. Then he put my hand on the switch and turned on my hip hop sounds. At which point I exclaimed:" Look at that! I'm the hip hop Hellen Keller."

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