Monday, October 10, 2011

Notes to self 
1. Remember that there is a national "No toes" day in Lucca where, by some secret committee, it is decided that autumn has really arrived and it is now tacky and bad for your health to expose your toes to the elements.

Last year this happened during the candlelight procession when in was pouring rain and I was the only person for miles around still wearing sandals. Everyone else was wearing formidable leather boots. I was freezing and confused. Just the day before I swear to you that it had been sunny and everyone was showing off their pedicures. This year the committee must have voted for the 7th of October, and so yesterday, two days too late, I did it again with the open toe wedges. There was a brisk wind and everyone else in the whole city except for two golden braided German tourists had gotten the memo. I huddled with F on the sun-baked steps near Cinema Astro and enjoyed a cuddle, even though a cuddle with boots might have been even more cozy.

P.S. In less than a week the "No toes" committee will be replaced by the "Say yes to scarves" committee and anyone without appropriate neck wear will be mocked and pitied.

2. Develop a tougher skin or stop going to Sephora.

Even though I am friendly with one of the ladies who works there, it is still quite the cold shower to look into your collection of samples and realize that you have been served, missy. When my skin was particularly blotchy I was given a sample of concealing foundation to try. Ouch! This time I was alarmed to find hair loss prevention shampoo. What?!! It is never by chance in that store, and so the free sample selection is as personal as having dinner with your suocera/mother-in-law (not mine) when you receive that constructive criticism from the commessa/saleswoman. Sure enough, I came home to find that I have a patch of new hair growing along my hairline either because I lost some or because I gained some. (Please allow me to delude myself into hypothesis number two). But still, Ouch!

3. Nettle tea is a must during this time of year when my allergies surge all over again and my eyes tear up and the tickle in my throat keeps me up all night. I keep forgetting about that surefire remedy. It is called Ortica in Italian, oh ye of my expat posse.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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