Friday, October 28, 2011

Not Uncle Laurence

Yup, that there is Uncle Laurence
No school for three days, Halloween, and Comix? Are we dreaming?
Twizzle me happy
So today was pretty momentous. It is the first day of Comix and my big brother is here. Unfortunately both gyms called on me to substitute teach. So  F went and got Laurence at the cute, little Pisa airport. They had to go by train because of the whole Italian driver's license issue. We won't talk about that in front of F. Anyway, Uncle Laurence brought us loads of goodies: all of the Missoni kids' clothes that I ordered when they were on sale at Target, a pair of Levis for me (saving more than 100 euro) three pairs of Victoria's Secret black velour sweat pants (my faves), a pair of fancy-studded- snakeskin-platform-fake-Converse kicks (saving us another 100 euros), and most importantly three, count them, two pound bags of Twizzlers.
Not the chocolate ones, but still . . .
This won't hurt a bit. . .

Acceptable kicks even by Lucchese standards
135,000 people, most of them wearing wigs or fluorescent hair dye, came to Lucca last year for the Comics and Games festival in the rain. This year it is crisp and sunny and the festivities have been extended for an extra two days.  It is the only week in Lucca when more people wear sneakers than wear stilettos. Here are my new $29 American sneakers; I'm so glad I didn't buy the studded leather version for 175 euros. 

When you see crazy coming . . . cross the street.

I lost my sheep.

Did you hear about the crazy American who teaches Metamorfosi?

You're x-box and I'm more atari

Nice costume!

Excellent costume!

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