Saturday, October 15, 2011

A lucchese bird that looks like a cross between a turkey and a huge pigeon!
Clouds and clearing things up
There is an expression in Italian that is supposed to be like "every cloud has a silver lining," but instead it goes, "not every cloud comes to hurt you." The Italian version contains just the right amount of paranoia and cynicism to appeal to me and also sums up what happened last night at Happy Gym. In short, no one showed up to my 9 pm class. 

Flashing back in time for a second, it was a tough day. T had come home from school on Thursday with a 24 hour stomach virus which I woke up with on Friday, but I still had to go jump up and down at Happy Gym at 4 pm. I was shocked to see that in addition to my regular lady and the new lady, I also had a striking young women named Mathilde, who is from the south of France and is here studying for 7 months, and "Giuseppe" who took off from work early again to come to my class. Honestly, I felt like a queasy, bloated, boysenberry in my bright purple Happy Gym t-shirt accessorized by the big glowing zit on my forehead, but I smiled my way through it. After we had concluded the lesson with neck massages that were viewed by an audience of two dozen six-year-old disco dancers (how relaxing!), I got my two regulars to agree to search out some girlfriends to come along with them because our longevity as a class is probably in danger otherwise. Not surprisingly, Giuseppe cornered me about coming to his house near the river to give him inspiring private lessons, etc. Since he was only interested in 6 pm when I teach at LIFE gym or am preparing for the girls from the Guess store, I told him that I had to teach at the other gym. He decided to go and take a sample class at the other gym and maybe get a membership over there. I tried to stop him, not very hard though, because it beats shlepping over to the river or the scene that would have ensued in my own living room and I don't even know how much he would have forked up for an hour's lesson.

On a positive note, now I don't have to curse myself every Friday night for getting myself obligated to show up for another tiny class at Happy Gym while missing any fun stuff like going to a CDMAL cocktail hour or, oh, not doing anything, that might happen on a Friday night. It was a bit of humble pie, but I did have the brainstorm of giving my friend Mikole's class body rolling massages for the last ten minutes of her lesson, thus ingratiating myself with three more clients who left the place rolling their shoulders back and saying something that sounded like "what a figata" about how much they loved my trick for getting knots out of people's necks in less than three minutes.

The real good news is that last night the Bioenergy session for my little fidanzato, Lorenzo, who has autism, took a really emotional turn. I, literally, could not stick to the regular protocol we always do because my hands got pushed by his energy into this very irregular pattern. I did not know what was going on. Then I figured it out. He was communicating with me. I had tears in my eyes when it was over. His energy felt much more peaceful than usual. More quiet. I had set the intention to help Lorenzo to quiet the noises in his head which often make him put his fingers in his ears and yell throughout the day. Sure enough, when I called his mamma the next day to check on things, she told me that he had not yelled or put his fingers in his ears for the first time for the last three days. It was day three of this series of treatments. I am really excited to see what happens next!

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