Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm not implying any Smurf similarities, but the shirt, I think, speaks volumes.
Pretty Smurfy
Ahh Comix! It is like a land of fairy Disney princesses who all woke up on the wrong side of the bed. "Welcome the F$$K to Lucca Disney," they seem to say.  Plus, as I have previously mentioned, there is the time warp around the walls of Lucca so that it is somehow cool/ganzo if you are 24 years of age to dress up as Harry Potter, Evil Spider Man, or a Smurf/Puffi (pronounced puffy). Aside from the grumpy Snow Whites and Cinderellas, everyone is pretty cheery --except for the guy who routinely throws me out of San Frediano church whenever I want to show a house guest Santa Zita's remains.

Today we sprung T out of school early since she was supposed to sit around doing nothing for the last two hours while her art professor went on strike. She studied for her grammar test, packed up her costume, and went with friend Natasha and her mom Melissa to decorate Jessica's house in Capannori for the Halloween party tonight. We took Uncle Laurence prisoner, after having been rejected by one of Lucca's most beautiful churches, forced him to march through the vineyards of Colleverde in Matraia, drink a thumbful of wine at a local establishment, beat us in gin rummy, and then go to said Halloween party where Jessica and Melissa threw down one pretty fabulous par-tay.

Behold my favorite chicken costume ever.

Some of the dads were way into this event . .

but they had to keep up with the moms . . .

mmmn . . .eyeballs!

the better to see you with, my dear

T had the time of her life jumping on the trampoline reaching into intestines (porridge) and eye balls (mozzarella) and something else gross and pinning the tail on the skeleton or some-such. I fell into friendship with this cool woman Paola and her daughter Tatiana from South Africa who had been living in Belgrade and now is running her father's newly constructed guest homes in San Ginese.

lady fingers

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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