Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hard nuts to crack
When it is a brisk, sparkling autumn day in Lucca, you can buy hot, roasted chestnuts/castagne from the street vendors that get scooped up in white paper cups. Everyone lets the shells drop to the street and you can hear the crunching under your boots for days afterwards.  It is so darn picturesque. This morning it is raining bone chilling gigantic gusts like pirate ship sails made of ice water.  After a night of coughing (allergies I hope), I canceled my one student for my home fitness class this morning- the only one who had not canceled on me- to try and catch my breath before I have to teach this afternoon. It is cozy for the moment, at least.

Yesterday we got our renewed permessi di soggiorno and it was a love fest at the police station. We got invited back for hugs from my two police officer friends and it was just an utter joy to be fingerprinted by such lovely people.

Last night the same new student, a raven haired woman around my age who on Monday was counting over me and be rather sarcastic during class with the girls from the Guess store, was purring like a kitten and just as sweet as pie. I have to remember that sometimes people get defensive during their first class and act out in weird ways and it is not personal. I told this particular lady how fit she was, the absolute truth, and she just turned to mush. Kill them with kindness, I guess.

There is a peculiar flavor of female Italian defensiveness. When I told one of my favorite ladies from the LIFE gym that I would not need her to give me a ride home after class because my husband had to bring some documents to the gym for my boss, she yelled at me. I yelled back that she was the sweetest lady on the face of the planet earth. Mid-yell she chilled out. It was scary, actually. And  it was alarming to the other people in the room who had just had their necks massaged. And yesterday afternoon I had three new ladies try my class at Happy Gym. While I was grateful for the new blood, this was a tough crowd. One of them literally stood there with her arms crossed in the back of the room and watched me with a grimace on her face. Any bets as to whether she will come back? At least the LIFE gym is still packing them in. I love nothing more than a full sala, people.

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