Friday, October 07, 2011

Don't you miss driver's ed?
Back in the driver's seat
So I (F) am back in the driver's ed classroom after two months, back on track to take the test for my Italian driver's license. Surprisingly enough, the two jokers who always had the wrong answer on the tips of their tongues must have passed their tests because they have been replaced by two other jokers who answer every question wrong and get yelled at by the teacher as well as eliciting the entire array of obscene hand gestures. Plus also, they sit in exactly the same seats and they have the same indecipherable Lucchese accents, so entertaining as the show is, I only understand every tenth word or so.

Helpful cartoons of accidents decorate the walls

My second night back, Bruno, the instructor, surprises me by spending the entire hour having me take three practice exams seriatim, out loud in front of the entire class. An audience of fifteen teenagers and a couple of middle-aged stranieri is more pressure than you might think as you have to figure out words like disperdersi on the fly. (In this context it basically means "stuff blowing off the back of an uncovered truck if it drives too fast which can cause horrible accidents behind it).
Bruno having just thwacked one of the jokers on the head

Four days of studying to go. Magari, I'm going to pass this time.

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