Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't be a people pleaser! Haven't you been listening for the last 25 years?
Saying si when I mean no no no!
It is all my fault. It was my idea to ask for the Friday night class at Happy gym. But then I thought my boss and I had a clear understanding that I would start this week at 8:30 pm when there is nothing on the printed calendar. However, she did not mean it or we didn't understand each other. I have no idea what happened. It seemed so clear to me when we had the conversation the first time but then she was so shocked that I had invited people for this week. It turns out that there is a class  that takes place during that time slot but that it is just not on the calendar.  Seriously? I can teach the class this Friday but starting at 9 pm. And lord I hope that just for this one off time I am not alone at Happy gym because that would be, well, sad. For me 9 pm is just too late. I'm trying to go to sleep at 10:30 or 11:00 pm, honestly.

Let me explain before you think that I am a boring, achey, mother of a certain age. My alter ego is just getting started at that time, what with being invited to one gala after another in fabulous restaurants and in spectacular Tuscan homes and not getting home until 3 AM, but still remembering to use eye makeup remover, and waking up fresh as a daisy the next morning. But my actual self is asleep. Mi capisci? The most important part of this story is that nobody told me that nobody but nobody goes to the gym on Friday nights.  That is a lot of nobodys my friends. I don't remember what made me think it was the score of the century and that I'd have a packed room full of energy, adrenalin, and love. On the contrary, I would get the usual quattro gatti that I get now at 4 pm. At least there is some life at LIFE gym where the classes are filling up really nicely.

So I dropped by Happy gym today and explained to Amanda, who is kind of the top instructor there and teaches a little of everything, why I couldn't sleep last night.  The idea was that she could in turn explain to Francesca, the boss lady, how the dopey American didn't know that everyone goes out on Friday night but without ever stopping at the gym first like some people do in New York. And while I was at it, I asked her where those people are going and if they are having a great time and if we could go some time and check it out. I know, I know I just said. . .  But if I'm busy sleeping I'll send my alter ego.

What would Oprah say? Ahh the perennial question . . .
The other thing that happened is that all the girls from the Guess store that come to me for private lessons did not show up this week. The second time it happened they said they were all sick. I totally believe them because a brutal cold has been making the rounds in Lucca. We all had it two weeks ago. But then this friend of theirs showed up and I gave her a private lesson. She asked me if I could teach her auntie who can only come at 2pm in the afternoon, but I don't know if I can squeeze in another class since I am already teaching 10 hours a week. So for now the auntie is going to squeeze in with the other Guess crew which fluctuates with no pattern that I can discern between three and nine people.  If you know how small our living room is you can feel free to gasp now. Gasp!

Then this character "Giuseppe" who is the only man to take all the classes at Happy gym took off from work to come take my class so that he could guilt me into teaching him privately. Now if he paid me enough and he is sincere in his desire to meet me to exercise, I might do it. But he is rather famous at the gym and he only speaks of his wife in that she doesn't understand me tone of voice that is always suspect and now he has thrown in that they have both gained weight recently, as if it is all her fault. I told him that I couldn't teach him if it was going to rob business from the gym, but he said he was going to go ahead and pay them the annual membership in any case. I don't know. I just don't know.

I would like more money, but not more hours. I don't know if I should be saying si or no or quando, quando, quando.

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