Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can you carry a dog on a vehicle with two wheels if it is smaller than 50cm and in a case?

Domanda n.5

I veicoli sono tanto più sicuri, nella circolazione, quanto più le loro masse sono differenziate


This basically asks if vehicles in circulation are much safer because their masses are different. The answer is "True."

Makes no sense to me either...

And if it's "True," why is this true, too?

"The driver of an SUV (SUV) should drive with extreme caution, aware that the height and mass of your vehicle are a potential danger to pedestrians, cyclists and cars of modest size."

Domanda n.8

Il conducente di un fuoristrada (Suv) deve guidare con la massima prudenza, consapevole che l'altezza e la massa del proprio veicolo costituiscono un potenziale pericolo per pedoni, ciclisti e autovetture di modeste dimensioni


Or this?

"At night, when there are missing or insufficient or rear position lights or emergency lights it is required to signal that the vehicle is stationary with the mobile triangular danger signal even in residential areas."
Here you have to know that you never use the triangle in an inhabited area. All the rest is just there to trick you...

Domanda n.9

Di notte, quando mancano o sono insufficienti le luci posteriori di posizione o di emergenza, è obbligatorio presegnalare il veicolo fermo con il segnale triangolare mobile di pericolo anche nei centri abitati


And finally, true or false: "The driver of a vehicle with two wheels can take a dog if it is smaller than 50cm and in a case that fits in your shopping cart."

Domanda n.14

Il conducente di un veicolo a due ruote può portare un cane se è più piccolo di 50cm e in un caso che si inserisce nel carrello


Can you carry a dog on a motorcycle? Being Italy, I wouldn't be that surprised if you can. Or possibly it means that you could carry one on a bicycle, so therefore it is possible...

So the upshot of all of this is that I have failed my driver's test for the second time. Che palle! I now have to go back and be reevaluated by the autoscuola doctor and wait another month to take it again. Meanwhile my NY license expires on the 23rd of October.


Laurence said...

There must be a site someplace with all the questions so you don't have to think about their arcane bureaucratic regulations and how they are trying to trick you with them, but can just memorize the answers.

FB said...

You would think so, but seeing that this is Italy, there are tons of sites with literally thousands of answers to the these questions phrased in a variety of grammatically challenging ways.

See this animation on Italy for a clear and enjoyable explanation: