Sunday, October 09, 2011

Angels who meditate 
Tonight we hosted a party for our friend Angelo whose dream was to sell his bar called Heaven Sent and go finish off his studies to become a teacher of meditation. Angelo is Italian, but he lived many years in England, and he speaks English perfectly, while alternating between equally adorable English and Italian accents.
If you don't see the wings, you aren't looking closely enough. This is Angelo.

Cheers, but much much smaller.
If you want to know what Heaven Sent was like just imagine the bar from the late 80s early 90s television series Cheers, but with less space and a window that looks out onto the street out of which you could purchase gelato. Despite its size, it was a bar where everybody knew your name if you were a regular. Angelo made the place into something special - a second home for the hair stylists next door, a regular lunch spot for many who live to far away to get home, and an appointment with the other regulars, not to be missed. Frequently the clients would exasperate Angleo by bombarding him with their personal problems and expecting him to respond like a trained psychoanalyst.  It is an occupational hazard, we suppose. Most guru-type guys would love that kind of ego stroking, but our Angelo hates it. He appreciates calm, and peace, and a sense of things happening at their right time and place.  Anyway, when Laura the erborista told me that Angelo's dream had actually been realized and that he was finally going to  finish the course we jumped up and down in her shop like school girls. I might have done more jumping and her more watching me jump, but the feeling was mutual. Anyway I offered to host a party and an hour later it was a done deal.

The more sweets the better!
So anyway, about my childhood . . .just kidding.

Fabio & Erica
Laura & Angelo
I didn't cook, but I can roll up the prepared ingredients like nobody's business.
Time for dessert?

In attendance were the "Hilfiger" twins, Fabio and Anna Maria, Angelo's sister, Laura and her downstairs neighbor Rosalinda and T's friends Aurora, Erica, and Natasha. Angelo gave a beautiful discorso after we toasted to his success with prosecco. When the well-meaning twins went on a tangent about the outrageous price the meditation school asks for their courses, I did the hostess thing of trying to lead us back down the path of being inspired by Angelo's courageous and inspiring choice. F did his part by making scrumptious Vietnamese Summer Rolls in a lime-chili dipping sauce that was enjoyed by everyone despite my worrying that it would be too unusual for them. The girls made many a dessert that were gobbled up, but the  salted butterscotch cupcakes of which I am a big fan, were, indeed, a little too foreign for the Italians.

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