Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yaya is the name of our friend Alessandro's daughter. He and his wife Barbara run a Bed & Breakfast called Dreamers, like the film, in San Macario, Piano, which is about a ten minute drive from the city of Lucca.

They also have a two year old boy named Luccio who eats corn kernels by the can and loves to be swung around like a little Olympic gymnast.  They keep some little donkeys up there that the kids can ride and their sweet dog is named Lola.
We stole some of these photos from their website because it was dark out. . .

Luccio is in the background, I don't know the guy in the front.

F tutored Alessandro's nephews in English last year and we have become friends with their parents Claudia and Renato, who are journalists that moved here from Milan.


Zia Claudia

Yaya is going to take her first dance class this week and she is absolutely overflowing with joy about it. We had a very nice time and I was proud to have participated in a political discussion at the table that took place in rapid fire Italian, missing only small to medium sized chunks of information instead of huge ones.

Alexandro watching me uselessly try to protect myself from mosquitoes

Barbara and Alessandro

Between T & Yaya there was an instant bond as Yaya has all of the qualities of cuteness than anyone could ever want in an about-to-turn-four year old and T had wheels on her shoes and purple hair. Before long Yaya was sitting on T's shoulders while T raced from one side of the house to the other on her Heelys.

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