Friday, September 30, 2011

What we eat!
I am always curious to learn what people are eating on a regular basis. This started long before my raging girl crush on the English foodie Nigella Lawson, the sight of whom in a cashmere sweater and pencil skirt eating leftovers out of her fridge and using luscious adjectives to describe her creations sends me into ecstasy.  I also am a huge lover of food narratives like the jewels written by Laurie Colwin and Bananna Yoshimoto. Hearing recipes read aloud by F before going to sleep is my favorite way to relax. Especially, cake recipes.

Since F goes to the ortofrutta every day to get fresh vegetables and fruit and Giusti to get fresh focaccia bread and goes only about once a week to get stock items from the Esselunga grocery store, we tend to have to figure out new ways to eat the six or seven in season vegetables that are mostly in stock in any twelve week period.

Lately, aside from F's famous gorgonzola bread, we are eating:

1. Crispy sauteed mushrooms, usually with a white wine and lemon sauce accompanied by either pasta, farro, or risotto.
2. Parmagiano breaded cauliflower, romanesco or artichokes also in a lemony white wine sauce, or sometimes in a red wine, balsamic vinegar reduction.
3. Fresh mushroom or spinach ricotta ravioli in tomato sauce or in hot lemon broth with parmagiano and fresh ground pepper.
4. Crispy eggplant with tomato sauce or capers.
5. Greens like chard, spinach, or beet greens cooked with fried onions, peperoncino, and lemon.
6. Truffle polenta
7. Salad with raisins, pine nuts, peppers, pecorino cheese and a fresh mustard vinegrette
8. Farro which is a typical Tuscan grain served with diced vegetables
9. Broiled asparagus with hard boiled eggs and gorgonzola bread croutons
10. Minestrone soup

T will either become a fabulous cook like her dad or have to marry a chef; we are so spoiled.
When we get bored of Italian food we usually have goodies from the Sri Lankan grocery store: 
8. General Tsao fake chicken, made with day old bread, in a spicy citrus sauce made with orange juice, ginger, soy sauce, wasabi, balsamic glaze, and a little corn starch to thicken it. Served with rice.
9. Vegetable sushi with avocado and mushrooms.
10. Japanese brunch of fried eggs on rice with sake, white wine vinegar sauce, and umeboshi pickled plum paste.
11. Indian curry with peas, potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower

There are still plenty of strawberries even though the raspberries are not around so much anymore, peaches, grapes, and now pomegranates.  T usually has hash browned potatoes for breakfast and I have cereal. 

When F and T get to baking we have chocolate volcano cake, lemon or apple ginger pie, brownies, or nestle tollhouse cookies.

And of course fresh water from the fountain. And wine from our friends at Fattoria Colleverde. What yummy goodies have you eaten lately?

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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