Saturday, September 03, 2011

Rock and Rolla
Yesterday we had an all day marathon with the family of Tatia's friend Chiara in which we got Chiara's English homework done, bought school supplies, and met friends for dinner.  F made ravioli and tomato sauce for Italians again and they ate it all up which was tremendously satisfying to him. Somewhere midway through the afternoon it became clear that that T's homework charts make very pretty place mats but are completely useless since every time she didn't do the allotted work she never actually adjusted the schedule and is now way behind (poor girl!).

In the course of the day I realized that I have had my first break up with an Italian "girl friend," the one who has the store and invited me to her wedding, as she has been talking about me alle mie spalle/ behind my back because I didn't pay enough attention to her and because I called her out on the fact that she introduced me to a new employee as "that signora that I was just telling you about." And another Italian momma-girl friend of mine has apologized to me eleven times for something she said to me on the phone, and I have no idea what could possibly have been offensive in it.  Eleven times I have told her that we are good and that she can be honest with me and she still wants more proof. Now I am by plagued by the thought: WTF did she say????

I feel much more thrifty and in gamba this year after buying much cheaper school supplies now that our friends have showed us the Italian version of Costco called Carrefour and I am too smart to fall for the temptations of the art store in town, even though the owner is very charismatic.

We capped it all off by going for an all night relentlessly muggy un-air-conditioned evening at Da Felice pizzeria with several parent couples from Tatia's class and their kids in what F describes as that party scene from La Dolce Vita if they had brought pre-teens and argued with the waitress over the check and gone out for lo yogurt after and then after that to a pre-disco bar so the men could drink coffee at midnight. Everyone kept saying I looked tired. Yeah, that would be because I'm exhausted. Who drinks coffee at midnight? How did Anita Ekberg do it? Ahhh, right, she didn't have a pre-teen and workout for a living.

Lo Yogurt con toppings!

Same crowd as last June, same lip reading skills in play . . .

Anna Maria got our bill reduced by 6 euro; She's my hero.
Arrivederci, Costco!

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