Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Luna(tic) Park
While I was home teaching four of the Guess store ladies, who I have indeed come to enjoy immensely, T and Chiara went to celebrate the completion of their summer homework by running amok in the Luna Park.  Meanwhile back at the ranch/our house, one of the Guess store ladies whose colitis I am treating with Bioenergy brought her mother, her aunt and their friend.  I gave them neck massages in the end and they all left happy like little Guess bunnies. They love how I can't pronounce the word for biceps. Bicipiti, beecheepeetee. BEEcheepeetee. BeCHEEpeetee. I still don't know.

Meanwhile T said she had the best night of her life at the Luna Park. How I had a daredevil of a child, I will never know. It was better that I had other plans because at those kind of places I can be kind of a guastafesta/party pooper. But from what I can tell there was a lot of negotiating in Italian between the girls about who got the scarier more fully inclined seat and how to spend their allowance money. It was like any small town amusement park, with all the forms of fried dough that entails (frati e bomboloni), plus crepes with nutella.

Don't worry about this video. Apparently the majority of Italians and Italian children do not know what "Holy Sh$t"means. . .

They just finished the summer homework after three months of effort and school starts in two days!
 Arrivederci Brooklyn!

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