Thursday, September 08, 2011

Basically, I'm fried. And now I should catch-you-up. It's not a labor day weekend barbecue, but it will have to do.

So, there was a general strike in Italy the other day:

What I can tell you with certainty is that Italians do not like to make plans ahead of time. My new boss at one of the gyms never told me what time our staff meeting was because she prefers the next week but apparently wasn't going to let me in on that little detail.  The school hasn't decided when to start classes, but will probably do it on the Santa Croce holiday when everything else is closed.  We had one of our most successful dinner parties last week with my friend Massimo and his girlfriend and the neighbors of Greta when we invited them two hours before the meal was served. And they brought wine. And a sformatino of peas and potatoes that was extremely yummy.

This week I taught my first class on the walls of Lucca for the LIFE Palestra to three lovely women who don't really love to exercise, but who can at least shake a tailfeather. My target demographic seem to be skeptical women in their 50s who have exhibitionist tendencies and little desire to move. I convinced them that I could transform them with my Metamorfosi method. And I can. Given a bit of time. I'm sure of it.

T charming my new students. . .
Not a bad location.
Dino, my new boss. He's great.
The other thing is that I treated one of the managers of the Guess store using Domancic's method of Bioenergy for her dislocated shoulder and she has no more pain. At all. So that will be good advertising for me. Plus in two nights I made a huge amount of progress in curing another Guess store student's cystic acne by letting her in on my/Jim Sparandeo's secret of using the Glicerolo. And the friend who told me she had said something horrible to Italian to me on the phone and wanted me to forgive her finally confessed.  It turns out, and you have to laugh about this, that she said that after the fleas, and the martial arts teacher who slapped me full in the face, and the crazy run in with the principal, among other of the year's interesting adventures she would have gone back to America by now. Oh and she implied that I must be asking to be plagued by problems because this doesn't happen to normal people. She made it up to me by telling me about oil of iperico which completely lightened the sun spots on her face and which I ran from her house to buy. Immediately.

We also went to dinner at Osteria del Vecchio Pazzo with Piero from Fattoria Colleverde and our mutual friends Mike and Pipi who live in Japan and study chimpanzees who can use computers among other things.  F is working on the fattoria's website and doing some marketing initiatives.  It looks really beautiful. At dinner, Piero told me about a center in Pisa called Stella Maris where they help kids with autism and who might be interested in the great results I've been having with getting these children to communicate verbally. Mike gave me a video and some fascinating information about some programs that allow autistic children to swim with dolphins that have been very transformative. And you know how my little fidanzato loves water.

Piero spoke Italian with a stray cat and then fed it a large amount of bistecca fiorentina.
It is not Pipi's fault that I imagine her in long stockings and red braids..

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