Monday, September 05, 2011

Il mio fidanzato
I know you are not supposed to fall for your clients, but in the case of eight year old Lorenzo, I can not help myself. He is just adorable. And he is doing so great after receiving the Bioenergy treatments from me every other week for the last year-- by which I mean the Bioenergy treatments that were first created by Zdenko Domancic of Slovenia, not pranoterapia which is confusingly called bioenergy in Italy.

Prior to this summer, Lorenzo who is Autistic, could only recognize the vowels and one or two consonants and he was essentially non-verbal. Over the summer, Lorenzo has learned to read, to count, to do sums, and to identify equal amounts. It is nothing short of a miracle. He is a miracle, this boy. He now can ask for what he wants to eat or drink using a full sentence. He knows how to say and how to write the entire alphabet. His vocabulary is ever increasing even though he whistles and beeps when he says the word biscotti/cookies in a very charming way that will be missed by some of us when it gets corrected.

After Lorenzo did his summer homework, we went to Nonna Franca's to celebrate his Babbo's birthday.

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